Our Connect classes are a great way to introduce you to our church and help you find your place here at Chestnut Mountain. Each class is designed to supply you with the tools to develop and grow as you journey through the process of becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ. All classes will be taught in a classroom setting and you will receive a notebook as well as notes for each Connect segment at the beginning of each class.

Connect Class Structure

Connect 1: Membership
Connect 2: Maturity
Connect 3: Ministry
Connect 4: Missions


Current Schedule

Connect 1: 9/11/2016
Chapel: Room 102



Get Started

All are welcome to join Chestnut Mountain Church as members. Those wishing to become members must first complete our Connect 1: Membership class.
To register, Email Haley Byers or call 770-967-3197 X221. You can also complete the back of one of the Connection Cards and place it in the offering basket at a Sunday morning gathering.