At Chestnut Mountain Church, we believe "Worship Is A Way Of Life". For a devoted and maturing follower of Jesus, worship is not just something you do at a prescribed hour of the week but a lifestyle that is to be lived every day. The Bible tells us to give ourselves to God as living sacrifices. There are many disciplines and pathways such as prayer, fasting, Bible study, singing, giving, and many others that lead us to live lives of worship. But at its heart, worship is simply ascribing worth, honor, and glory to God, and we believe it is more than and act; it is a way of life.

At Chestnut Mountain Church we believe that "Saved People Serve People". Jesus said about Himself that He came not to be served but rather to serve others. He went as far as saying that he that will be the greatest among us will be a servant to all. We believe everyone who is a part of our faith family should have a place of service inside our church and a place of serving others in our community and throughout the word. The second greatest commandment next to loving God with all you are is loving others more than yourself. Serving expresses both of those loves. We would love to help you find your places of service.


At Chestnut Mountain Church we believe that "Found People Find People". Based on both the command and model of Jesus, we believe it is our responsibility to invest our time and love in other people. Most people are willing to trust a friend or family member when it comes to matters of faith. That is why it is our hope as followers of Jesus to inspire our friends and family with our God Story, how God has changed our lives as a result of our repentance and faith. Ultimately, our goal is to invite people to join God on His journey, a journey of love, acceptance, and forgiveness as they themselves become followers of Jesus Christ.

At Chestnut Mountain Church we believe that "Believers Do Life Together" in some type of biblical community. Whether it is through a small group of 10-20 people or through a one to one friendship, there is no doubt that we are better together. The Bible clearly teaches that as iron sharpens iron, people sharpen people and that the more braids in a cord the less likely it is to break. Fellowship, ministry, accountability all happen best in the context of community. Let us help you get connected.

At Chestnut Mountain Church we believe that "Growing People Change". The Bible clearly tells us as followers of Jesus that we are not to be conformed to the patterns or behavior of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of our minds. We also learn from the Bible that our minds are renewed or changed as we learn more and more about Jesus. A life of following Jesus is dynamic and never static. We believe as followers we are either becoming more like him or less. Normal for us is a life of continuing growth that always results in change. As we become more like Jesus, the world is less of an influence on us, and we are more of an influence on it.